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Australia’s tainted blood scandal: the kids have come back for justice

January 31, 2023 Season 1 Episode 2

In this episode Charles MacKenzie takes us back in time to where his fight and that of other Australian children who were given tainted blood products began.

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Watch Charles return to where it all began St.Andrews Cathedral School Sydney

John Dowd the former NSW attorney general who tax lawyers paid the salary for and who denied help to children with AIDS like Martin when he was dying

Brian Howe the former Labor health of the early 1990s

The speech by former Australian Labor health minister Brian Howe where he speaks of why they made an example of Martin and denied him care to stop the flood gates opening for others who the government harmed and who need help

A timeline of Australian Red Cross/CSL blood donors that proves medical patients were murdered en masse

A copy of Charles MacKenzie witness statement to the UK infected blood inquiry

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