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June 30, 2023 Season 1 Episode 18

In todays episode, Charles MacKenzie explores the concept of authenticity. 

Is it truly authentic for the Australian media to portray Brian McNamee, the Chair of CSL, Australias largest healthcare company specializing in blood products and vaccines, as our nations greatest entrepreneur? 

Charles uncovers evidence of a cover-up, raising doubts about the medias authenticity in their portrayal of Brian McNamee and CSL. By the end of the podcast, shocking revelations will emerge, revealing them as genocidal criminals.

The unanimously agreed recommendations from the 2004 Senate inquiry Hepatitis C and blood supply in Australia, which was for victims of Hepatitis C tainted blood but which were never implemented leading to the hastening of deaths and suicides 

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Evidence that the government knew CSL Factor 9 blood treatments were not safe from the deadly virus HepC in 1989 and yet CSL and Brian McNamee kept on distributing it to children and other patients 

Niel Mitchell of Melbourne’s Radio 3AW interviews CSL’ Brian McNamee (a man who rarely does interviews because he’s a fraud) 

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