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February 10, 2023 Season 1 Episode 4

Uncover the Truth with Charles MacKenzie - A sinister plot by Australias industrial medical complex has been exposed by Charles MacKenzie. This criminal organisation will stop at nothing to conceal the deadliest medical scandal in history - the tainted blood scandal. Hospital records of patients who received contaminated blood transfusions have been tampered with, while others have been eradicated. What is the health authority in Australia so determined to keep hidden that they would engage in such wrongdoing?

Join the quest for justice with Charles on join High Adventure podcast, where internet sleuths come together to unravel the mystery of Australias cover-up of the infected blood scandal. With thousands of Australian families affected by this tragedy, its time for the truth to be revealed. Be a part of the movement and help bring accountability to those responsible.

Help keep Charles alive to see the justice he has fought for since a kind with tainted blood here Go Fund Me here

The published statement by Charles MacKenzie on behalf of Australia to the United Kingdom’s infected blood inquiry can be read here

Website for Infected Blood Australia which Charles is President of is here

Support the campaign for unvaxxed blood here

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