Live stronger with natural & alternative medicine join High Adventure and defend your health from the rise of medical tyranny.


Charles MacKenzie the host of join High Adventure podcast exposed Australia’s deadliest medical scandal and biggest coverup contaminated blood transfusions. Now he is looking to survive the “healthcare” system that has harmed him and countless other patients.

  • Do you have an aversion to pharmaceutical medications and jabs ?
  • Do you have a chronic condition ?
  • Do you have fibromyalgia too ?
  • Do you have insomnia ?
  • Do you have a breathing disorder ?
  • Do you suffer from nausea ?
  • Acid reflux ?
  • Motor function problems ?
  • Heart disease ?
  • Skin problems ?
  • Arthritis ?
  • Chronic pain ?
  • Neurological conditions ?
  • Or a virus like Hepatitis C ?

Are you concerned about how medical errors and adverse events have become one of the leading causes of death?

Are you looking for peace of mind and with it more natural ways to protect your health and well-being?

If the answer is "yes" then you should know that the alternative therapies and natural medicine that will be featured on our podcast can treat and even cure many chronic conditions, even potentially Charles' lifelong Hepatitis C infection whilst at the same time helping alleviate the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that he and so many other victims of adverse events have been left with.

Tune in and survive modern medicine
by discovering alternative health so you can avoid it!

Hear the story behind the uncovering of Australia’s tainted blood scandal and find out how to unleash the survivor within and avoid being yet another casualty of “healthcare”!

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Breaking the Chains of Conventional Healthcare: Join High Adventure in the quest for Natural and Alternative Health Solutions

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Charles MacKenzie


Charles has dedicated the last 30 years fighting for justice for tens of thousands of Australians who fell
victim to our nation's deadliest medical scandal and biggest ever coverup:
HIV & Hepatitis C contaminated blood transfusions and treatments.