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About Us

Charles MacKenzie

Join High Adventure is dedicated to fighting corruption and exposing Australia's deadliest medical scandal involving HIV and Hepatitis C contaminated blood transfusions. Led by Charles MacKenzie, the initiative funds legal cases holding public officials accountable, supports victims, and raises awareness through a podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Patriot Cap?
By preordering one of our caps you won’t just look like a fashionable patriot of Australia you will also be helping fund the coming legal cases which will be aimed at making public officials accountable again.
How does my purchase make a difference?
We will also use funds to contribute to criminal cases against those that harm Australians.

What Our Supporters Say

"So many stories about our corrupt government and big really does make me sick to my stomach. Good luck Charles, I hope you bring these scummy bottom dwellers to their knees. God Bless you and all those that have been affected by this scandal."

- Alicia Evans

"As someone who also suffered debilitated health after receiving several blood transfusions and nasty Big Pharma meds in 2004-2008, I wish you every success in exposing the medical corruption & Big Pharma's pursuit of profits at the expense of Australians' health & lives. If it were not for me taking my health into my own hands, self-help, self-education and the assistance of natural health practitioners some 18 years ago, I would not be here now. All the very best, dear Friend."

- Catherine & Hugh