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Queensland Senator Gerard Rennick blows the lid off of the infected blood scandal in Australia

February 27, 2023 Season 1 Episode 8

In this episode Australia’s tainted blood campaigner Charles MacKenzie discusses how getting over his fear of flying and traveling to the state of Queensland in Australia led to Liberal Senator Gerard Rennick asking questions in the Senate on behalf of the Australian victims of the global infected blood scandal.

Donate to campaign for justice the Australian victims of the global infected blood scandal here by Bank Transfer to Infected Blood Australia details here:

Statement of Charles MacKenzie, President of Infected Blood Australia to UK infected blood inquiry

‘Call to arms’ by the editor of the gay publication the Sydney Star writes an open letter to the premier of New South Wales calling for help over a hepatitis outbreak

Australian Federation of Haemophilia societies bulletin July 1981 -

Was Australia’s deadliest medical scandal HIV & HepC contaminated blood really an accident? Decide for yourself by taking a look at this Australian Red Cross/CSL timeline of blood donors (please be patient as it loads)

Dr. R. Sawers tells haemophiliacs to keep on using blood products despite HIV risk in 1983

Worry as hepatitis B serum runs low Sydney Morning Herald , November 19 the 1984

CSL refuse to heat treat against AIDS despite Haemophiliacs wanting them to do so in 1984

Senator for NSW Labors Steve Hutchins commends the British Labor government in 2003 for making financial assistance available for infected blood victims in the UK

Bio for Bill Bowtell the architect of Australia’s supposedly world renowned response to HIV/AIDS can be read here

Bill Bowtell February 20th 2023 Tweet decrying Senator Rennick question on blood and big noting Australia’s response to AIDS can be seen here

Another tweet from ‘AIDS hero’ Bill Bowtell from February 20th 2023 where he states Red Cross can be trusted’

Kos Samaras February 20th 2023 tweet in response to Senator Rennick infected Blood question

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