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Surviving Healthcare: The Story of Charles MacKenzies Quest for Safe Medicine

January 23, 2023 Season 1 Episode 1

Charles MacKenzie knew isolation decades before the rest of the world would experience it through enforced locked downs and the social restriction that came with the Covid 19 “pandemic”. 

The whole medical fiasco that surrounded Covid served as a bad case of Déjà Vu for Charles who as a kid growing up in Australia, was prescribed a medication for acne that made him suffer an adverse reaction leaving him with the same disease as the boy in the plastic bubble. He chose to treat what already felt like a rollercoaster of a life like the Enid Blyton childrens adventures he loved as a boy.

His fledging detective work saw him uncover Australia’s biggest medical coverup contaminated blood and one that he himself was a victim of when he was given a tainted blood transfusion to treat his bone marrow disease in the 1980s. 

Now Charles is setting out on a new adventure and one that asks the question on behalf of himself and other medical patients, how are we going to safely survive “healthcare”?   

Listen to the story behind what it was like exposing deadly medical coverups and to follow the investigation of natural medicine and on ways to navigate the sometime dangerous waters of modern medicine without falling victim to ‘big pharma’ and all the medical errors & adverse events that have made “health” a leading cause of death and injury!

Interview with Fran Kelly on ABC Radio Breakfast:

Article in the Sydney Morning Herald:  ‘Inquiry hears how a Sydney schoolboy was given blood from a heroin addict’

Go Fund Me:

Support the petition for Unvaxxed blood in Australia here:

Website for the campaign for justice for the Australian victims of the global infected blood scandal here:

Charles MacKenzie’s published statement on behalf of Australia for the UK Infected Blood Inquiry:

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